Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ answered the question of
Am I being paid to take part in the experiments? How much? 214 persons
Why am I not being invited for experiments? 99 persons
How well do I need to speak German (English) to participate in experiments in that language? 67 persons
Who is allowed to participate? 53 persons
Where are the experiments? Where is the laboratory? 51 persons
I would like to cancel an experiment which I signed up for. Is this possible? 38 persons
Am I allowed to sign up twice? 35 persons
Is there a reason why I shouldn't participate in English and German experiments, even if I only speak one of them? 33 persons
I don't want to receive any invitations to experiments anymore, how do I unsubscribe? 29 persons
I have unsubscribed from the experiments, now I want to participate again. What do I have to do? 25 persons
What happens if I put in incorrect information during registration? 25 persons
I have signed up twice by accident. What should I do? 22 persons
What are the measures against COVID-19 transmission in the lab? 17 persons

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