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Earn Money in Economics Experiments

The Vienna Center for Experimental Economics is looking for participants to take part in experiments. Experiments are an important tool of academic research in economics. They help us to better understand the way the economy works.

A typical experiment takes about 2 hours. Participants earn money by making decisions. This can involve, for example, buying and selling a good in a market. How much you earn in an experiment depends, for example, on the prices at which you buy and sell.

The experiments usually take place in our laboratory located at the Campus of the University of Vienna.

No special knowledge of economics, mathematics, or computers is required to participate. However, a good command of the language of the experiment is necessary to understand instructions. You may register to participate in experiments carried out in English and/or German - the only requirement is a sufficient understanding of the language.

The Center organizes experiments on a regular basis. To participate in an experiment you must first register. Registering means that you are in principle interested in participating. We will then send you invitations for specific experiments which you may accept or decline.

Registration is a simple procedure:
  1. The privacy policy is explained.
  2. You fill in some simple personal details.
  3. You receive an email and confirm your email address.
To begin the registration, go to 'Sign up'.

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